Installing under Debian

Installing under Debian


I'm not sure if this is the right place to report installation issues, but... Trying to install version 13 (i.e., composer_xe_2013.0.079) under Debian 7.0 results in a bunch of empty scripts, as shown in the first attachment.

I know that Debian 7.0 isn't supported (yet), but since it seems that the problem is caused by sh pointing to dash instead of bash, it'll probably happen under Ubuntu as well.

In the new Intel installation scripts, redirection (to dev/null or whatever) sometimes uses bash syntax, instead of proper POSIX syntax, so some errors are shown during the installation (see second attachment), and the installation seems to fail at least partially.

By (temporarily) making /bin/sh point to /bin/bash, the installation is completed successfully. 

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yes - you are right. We discovered the problem recently and it shows up for Ubuntu as well. The issue is caused by #!/bin/sh causing the 'dash' shell being used. We filed this to engineering already as case DPD200271659. I will let you about any changes in this context.

In the mean time, you can use one of two workarounds below.I tooks like you successfully used (2):

1. edit all the scripts of the installation package where you see / being used to use /bin/bash or

2. temporarily link /bin/sh to /bin/bash:
mv /bin/sh /bin/sh.orig
ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh
< do the installation>
rm /bin/sh
mv /bin/sh.orig /bin/sh


We filed a new engineering case DPD200299772 to cover the specific problem descibed here ( against compiler 13.0 on Debian and Ubuntu ) - the case mentioned before is more generic.

Hello John
We investigated the problem in more detail: The problem only occurs in case the RPM manager is installed which is unusual for Ubuntu/Debian. This is why our evaluation failed to detect the problem. To improve our testing, it would be helpful to understand, why you had to install the RPM manager. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks a lot


It's really not that unusual to have the rpm package installed (since the lsb package depends on the lsb-core package, the lsb-core package depends on the alien package, and the alien package depends on the rpm package)... And lsb-core is a dependency of any package built against lsb ---e.g., google-earth-stable.

Previous versions of the Intel Software Installer didn't seem to have a problem with having the rpm command around (i.e., installing ifort/icc 11.x and 12.x under Debian or Ubuntu never fails because of rpm or shell redirection issues), so it seems some incompatible change was introduced recently into the installer.

By the way, the lsb-release package (providing the lsb_release command) is likely to be present in any Debian/Ubuntu/Mint installation.

update 1 of Composer 2013 ( version 2013.1.117 ) is available for download now at This version fixes the installation issue.

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