How to create a new Fortran project

How to create a new Fortran project

Hi, I've downloaded and installed succesfully Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013. I want to create a new Fortran project but I don't know how to do that. There is a graphical interface in wich I can create files and projects? I'm relatively new in Linux and I have no much experience working with the terminal. Thanks

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Hello Antonio
Fortran development on Linux is almost only done via a basic command shell ( "terminal" as you call it) using the Linux SW development infrastructure like edior 'emacs' / 'vi', 'make' etc. I recommend you to do it this way too. Thus there is no real concept like a Microsoft Visual Studio 'project' etc. The Intel Compiler however comes with a nice graphical debugger 'idb' which offers you a similar feature set, as you would expect from a debugger integrated into an IDE.

To start developing for Fortran, see the 'User Manual and Reference Guide', chapter 'Getting Started' -> 'Using the Command Line and the seperate document 'get_start_lf.htm' you will find in the documentation directory of the installed compiler. Both describe in detail all the steps to get your Fortran program compiled and linked.

In case you really want to have an IDE for Fortran, you might have a look at the Eclipse-based project Photran: See It supports the Intel Fortran compiler to some extend.


Hi all,

I was also searching for a useful IDE for Linux Fortran coding. I tried Eclipse (Juno and Indigo) but we could not get friends. A lot of things are handled quite different compared to Visual Studio. Maybe Eclipse is to powerful for me...
However, IMHO if you have experience with Visual Studio Code::Blocks with the Fortran plugin ( is a much better choice. It works with gcc and ifort and many other complilers and some parts are familiar compared to Visual Studio.
That are just my thoughts on the topic IDE. Nevertheless, many Linux users love to work with emacs and make...


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