13.0 compiler bug: SELECT TYPE selector not recognized as polymorphic

13.0 compiler bug: SELECT TYPE selector not recognized as polymorphic

A function that returns a pointer to a polymorphic variable can be used as the selector in a SELECT TYPE construct.  If that function is type-bound, the new 13.0 compiler fails to recognize that the function result is polymorphic and incorrectly issues an error.  I've attached a small example that illustrates the bug.


Downloadapplication/octet-stream intel-bug-20121006a.f901.4 KB
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Thank you for reporting this issue as well. I have escalated it to the developers. The issue number is DPD200237118. I will post an updates I receive on the issue to this thread.

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I made the same mistake in my example that I made in another report, namely use of CLASS IS (INTEGER) which is not allowed. The mistake had no bearing on the the compiler bug the report was illustrating, but to prevent this mistake from being a distraction, I've attached a fixed example that is truly standard conforming.


Downloadtext/plain intel-bug-20121006a-fixed.txt1.43 KB

This has been fixed - I expect the fix to appear in Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 4, scheduled for July.

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