loop question

loop question


please see the following test program.

     program counter
    implicit none
    integer (kind = 4)     :: icel,ncc
! initiate
    ncc = 10
! loop
    do icel = 1,ncc
    enddo ! icel
    end program counter

screen output
           1          10
           2          10
           3          10
           4          10
           5          10
           6          10
           7          10
           8          10
           9          10
          10          10
          11          10

Why is icel one more after the loop? I am not new to fortran, but I have never observed that before. I am using using composer_xe_2011_sp1.9.293 on an 64bit opensuse 12.1 with kernel 3.1.10-1.16. If someone could explain that to me, would be fine!


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Why is icel one more after the loop?
Because that is what the Fortran Standard specifies. See the explanation at

or see section of the Fortran-2008 Standard.

This behavior was defined in the f77 standard. Until 30 years ago, a compiler I used produced 3 different results for the value of the loop counter after loop termination, depending on optimization level.

Thank you for your answers. I was not aware of that before. I stumbled on this while running into a segmentation fault.

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