Installing both Fortran and C++ compilers - need advice

Installing both Fortran and C++ compilers - need advice

I need both Intel compilers for a package which apparently has problems with gcc compilers.

I already have Fortran compiler 11.1 but if I go pack to Intel download page, and choose version 11.1 of C++ compiler, I will get a different build. Is there any problem if the build does not match?

Also I have been told that you have to install the C++ compiler before the Fortran compiler. Is this so?

Finally, there is a script called something like to setup enviroment variables. The C++ compiler also has a similar script which seems to setup the same variables, so then do I only need to source one of these not both?

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As long as you are not using the -ipo option and mixed Fortran/C, you don't need to have the same exact versions.

There is no required order of installation.

You need to source both scripts. In more current versions, there's just one common script,, that will enable both compilers if both are installed. Please do not use the _ia32 script - just use and pass "ia32" (or "intel64") as the first argument.

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