xcode vs makefile

xcode vs makefile

I recently upgraded to composer_xe_2013.1.119 fortran compiler. I was using composer_xe_2011.8.269 before. If I try to compile my program using the same makefile with the new 2013 as the old 2011, I now get an error. The flags that I'm using are: 

FFLAGS1 = -stand f03 -free -check all -r8 -fast -shared-intel -heap-arrays -m64 -fp-model source -c 

The error I get is: fort: warning #10182: disabling optimization; runtime debug checks enabled 

The program compiles, but it runs 4 times slower than when I compile with similar flags using gnu fortran. Also, I have compiled the code using xcode 4.5.1 and it runs faster than the gnu version at the command line. Does anyone know why I'm getting the above error with ifort 2013 and why it is so much slower? 

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Your use of -check all adds a new option, -check stack, which is incompatible with optimization so you get the warning (not error). I would question whether gfortran does all the checks that -check all specifies.

If you are interested in speed, you should disable all run-time checks (or just don't specify -check).

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Hi Steve, removing the -check all flag seems to have done the trick. It runs much faster and no warnings when I compile. It's still slower than the xcode version (166 seconds vs 125 seconds to process 43800 lines of data), but I can live with that. Thanks, Susan

Are you specifying -fp-model source when you build from Xcode? I am not familiar with that environment but there should be a way for you to look at the command line options being passed to the compiler.

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