Installation went smooth until ... source

Installation went smooth until ... source


I installed the Intel Fortran Compiler on my Debian 32 bits.

The installation went well until the point where I need to:

source install-dir.bin/ifortvars.csh ( ia32

where this error appears:

LANGUAGE_TERRITORY:  Undefined variable

and I'm not able to use the ifort

any clues ??

best regards,

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what shell are you using?

echo $0

will tell you this information. Also, is this a US English language system or have you set a different locale ( env vars LANG, LC_ALL, etc.)


I use a tcsh shell.
My debian was originally a german version but I change the local settings to english, with the help of dpkg trvonfigure locales.
Is that the problem ?


it probably is the language/locale.

tcsh should be ok with

source /opt/intel/bin/compilervars.csh ia32

However, we do not test against tcsh so it is possible there is something incompatible.

You are not testing this? Well, it also shows up with RHEL6.

Are you serious? _I_ choose between bash and tcsh (at the very least), not you.

Bob- Did you ever find a solution for this?  I am having the same problem with RHEL 6.

Bob H. wrote: Quote:

Are you serious? _I_ choose between bash and tcsh (at the very least), not you.

Certainly, we can all use our favorite shell for routine work. However, I don't see it as a hardship if a vendor stipulates using a different shell just for a one-time installation. Is it not better for the vendor to do thorough testing on the system default shell rather than test (less thoroughly, perhaps) on a number of different shell and Linux distro combinations?

In Windows, we rarely get to stipulate which installer package is used, so why is this a major issue in Linux?

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