Looping in inquire(file=filename, opened=op)

Looping in inquire(file=filename, opened=op)

My program gets stuck in the intrinsic function inquire. Calls to the function go right quite some times but at some time it starts looping in inquire.

The inquire statement is like: inquire(name=filename, opened=op). The file does exist and is opened. Checking the existence of the file is confirmed by inquire(name=filename, exist=exists). This call to inquire goes right which makes me think that the input is right.

In debugmode I can see the following function names coming by: for__get_next_lub( ), process_existing_lub, for_inquire, for__release_lun, enter_cr_and_find_lub, find_min_lun,

I'm using version 12.6.233 and running the debugger in idbc -dbx mode.

Is this a known issue?

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I don't see any current reports of such a problem. Can you provide an example that reliably reproduces it?

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That'll be a dificult one since it's part of a large program. I will try a small testing program soon.Let you know.

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