Catastrophic ICE when compiling with -standard-semantics

Catastrophic ICE when compiling with -standard-semantics

I have come across an ICE when compiling with -standard-semantics.  The compiler used is

Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20121010
Copyright (C) 1985-2012 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

The machine is

Linux 3.6.11-1.fc17.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Dec 17 22:16:35 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Unfortunately, the program is pretty complicated. I am uploading a bzip compressed tar file with enough of it to demonstrate the problem, along with a makefile.  If -assume norealloc_lhs is added to the options, the ICE goes away. 

Downloadapplication/octet-stream standardsemantics.tar.bz239.35 KB
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Thanks - I can reproduce the error and will see if I can reduce the test case, then I will escalate to development. I will follow up here with any news.

I suggest that you modify your Intel Developer Zone profile to choose a "Display Name" that is not your email address.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

This problem is fixed in Update 2, which will be released later this month.  A workaround is to replace line 167 in moredt_I.f90, which reads:

iropt= max(iropt, iropt(icell))


iropt = max(iropt(icell), iropt)

This will give the same result and avoid the compiler error.  Please let me know if this helps.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks for the patch.  Since the reallocate was the major reason for turning on standard semantics, its good to not have to disable it for this routine.

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