-static-intel problem in composer xe 2013?

-static-intel problem in composer xe 2013?

When I tried to build a simple shared library using static link to intel fortran libraries, I got relocation problem:

ifort -fPIC test.f90 -shared -static-intel -o libtest.so

ld: /scratch/ifort64/composer_xe_2013.1.117/compiler/lib/intel64/libifcore.a(for_wseq_lis.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 against `.rodata.str1.4' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC /scratch/ifort64/composer_xe_2013.1.117/compiler/lib/intel64/libifcore.a: could not read symbols: Bad value

It seems the ifort tried to link libifcore.a not libifcore_pic.a; I am using composer xe 2013.1.117 intel64

Any idea about this problem?

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that's a bug. It works with IA32 but fails for Intel64. I've filed a defect ticket (DPD200317660) and let you know once this is fixed.

You already described the possible workaround to specify libifcore_pic.a manually.

Thank you for reporting this.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

Thank you Georg.

Actually, I don't know how to manually specify libifcore_pic.a. Could you give me some instruction?

I tried something like

ifort -fPIC test.f90 -shared -static-intel -L/xxxxx/libifcore_pic.a -o libtest.so

But it didn't work...

You would use <full_pathname_of_.a> just as if you wanted the entire collection of .o files from it.  Big L adds a directory to library search path but doesn't specify a library to search.

Thank you Tim, it works!

What is the status of  defect ticket DPD200317660 ? I cannot find it? Can you send link to it? We also have this issue.

That defect is still open. The DPD200xxxxxx tickets are recorded in our internal tracking system that is not accessible externally.

Have you tried the work around mentioned of linking to the libifcore_pic.a library?


as Kevin said, the ticket is still open. I'll ping the engineers once more and let them know about your request. Did the workaround help you?

Any closed ticket for the compiler can be seen in the "Compilers Fixes List", e.g.:


Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger


Intel(R) Composer XE 2015 Update 1 (expected around November) will have a fix for this.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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