input conversion error

input conversion error

Hello everyone,

First I want to greet all the professionals here, it is my first post so as you might wonder I am new in this world. Thus my question might be a little bit silly.

I have to modify a bathymetry data(depth in the ocean) changing its format, signal and extending longitude and latitude. I got the program to do that, compiled and tried to run, however, I got this message error:

forrtl: severe (64): input conversion error, unit 11, file /home/adriano/hycom/CLUSTER/data/topo_ieee/
Image PC Routine Line Source
teste.exe 000000000047294D Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 0000000000471455 Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 000000000042B920 Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 0000000000405CCF Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 0000000000405502 Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 0000000000418883 Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 0000000000415C3F Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 0000000000402C31 MAIN__ 21 teste.f
teste.exe 0000000000402ADC Unknown Unknown Unknown 00007F3CD834D30D Unknown Unknown Unknown
teste.exe 00000000004029D9 Unknown Unknown Unknown

The data has 1Gb and its structured as:

-180 90 -4228
-179.983 90 -4228
-179.967 90 -4228
-179.95 90 -4228
-179.933 90 -4228
-179.917 90 -4228
-179.9 90 -4228
-179.883 90 -4228

that is longitude, latitude and depth

The code that I'm using is attached

Thanks in advance and I am sorry for any mistake or problem on the code.

Best regards

Downloadapplication/octet-stream teste.f1.05 KB
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I forgot to say that I found out the problem is in the read command as we can see. Thus I loaded the data without format (*) and had worked running the a.out. However, later while I was using the data to do other analysis the data wasnt suiting my other routines. So I think I need the data structured in that format.

You are trying to read in this data using a "15I6" format.  This assumes 15 integer fields of exactly 6 characters each. Your input data doesn't look like that - it has floating point values and variable spacing. List-directed (format *) is the only reasonable way you'll be able to read data structured like this.

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