How to keep track of the issues

How to keep track of the issues

For example I'm interested in DPD200240753.
A simple search on the Intel site gives nothing.

Is there a special page with all open and closed issues?
Or can I just search for a specific number or a keyword somewhere?



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The only chance normally to track issues which aren't discussed on the forum is to file your own issue on  If you believe that your issue is related to an escalated DPD issue for which you have the number, you could mention it there.  You might file your own reproducer in case there is a chance to verify the connection or improve chances of fixing it.

what about "fixes" lists, e.g.:

and others.

Do these give the details of all fixed issues in a relevant release/revision?
Is there any policy on how often these lists are issued? Or are they issued
only when the new releases are issued?
Is it possible to subscribe just to the fixes lists updates?



That list looks more informative than usual, and does give a list of issues specifically targeted to be fixed by each update release, subsequent to its release.  Updates have been issued in the past without a full list of included bug fixes.

As the paragraph at the top says, you would have to ask questions if you need clarification.

yes, i t says to ask "on the user forums", which is what I'm doing.

Also, I don't understand the exact meaning of your phrase
"targeted to be fixed by each update release, subsequent to its release".
So is this list issued following a release, and lists issues that have been
Or is this a list of outstanding issues, that a new release still hasn't

A particular question: this list:

contains these issues of direct relevance to my work:

DPD200156462 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: Internal Compiler Error for code containing image_index intrinsic call
DPD200156464 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: this_image() intrinsic returns wrong value if lower bound is not 1
DPD200156509 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: this_image intrinsic returns wrong lower bound for scalar with codimension lb equal to 0
DPD200156512 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: statement ERROR STOP causes application hang, must Ctrl-C to exit
DPD200156513 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: this_image() intrinsic returns wrong result for allocatable array with codimension with lower bound 0
DPD200156515 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: intrinsic this_image(x) is completely wrong for coarray arg with codimension [2,*]
DPD200156516 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: intrinsic this_image( x ) results incorrect when X is array declared in module with codimensions [2,*]
DPD200156534 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: application hangs in CRITICAL region

and these apparently were last updated "Update 6 (Posted September 2011)".

But I'm still not clear.
Does this mean that all these issues have been fixed already in SEP-2011?
Or, does this mean that these issues have been raised in SEP-2011?

I read in Steve Lionel's post in comp.lang.fortran that at least DPD200156512,
error stop issue, has only been fixed recently and the fix has not yet been
shipped out. Is that so? And what about the rest of the issues above?

More generally, I imagine that with every release Intel puts together a list
of fixed issues, so

Those are lists of issues which should be corrected by the designated release, as your last comment seems to indicate. There's no public list of pending bugs.

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