does Intel debugger support coarrays?

does Intel debugger support coarrays?

I just got a reply from Allinea that their DDT
debugger does not support coarrays/Intel
combination. Apparently it does support
coarrays, and it does support Intel, but
not together. I guess when they talk
about supporting coarrays, they must mean Cray,
as I'm not aware of any other compiler supporting

Anyway, does the Intel debugger (idb) support coarrays?


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The compiler release notes explain how to use the debugger on coarray applications.

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I got this email: *quote* From: Intel Developer Zone To: Subject: New activity on your Forum topic Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 07:08:15 -0800 (PST) Hi Anton S., A new comment was posted on your Forum topic, does Intel debugger support coarrays?. Ronald W Green (Intel) posted: Unfortunately the Intel debugger does not support Intel Coarray Fortran at this time. It has been requested, and I will add this note to our feature request for this support. ron Click here to view this Forum topic and respond: *end quote* Has this been posted in error? And has it been withdrawn subsequently? Because the URL returns page not found. Anyway, I can only assume that Ron's reply was wrong, and that Steve erased it and gave the correct reply. Is that it? Thanks Anton P.S. Please give a link the the release notes of the latest compiler.

Ron must have deleted his reply after I told him separately about what the release notes say.  You can find the release notes installed along with your compiler, or at

The Intel Debugger does not "support" coarrays and we don't have plans to add such support. However, it is possible to do some debugging of a coarray application with the Intel Debugger and a bit of effort. You may find that MPI-knowledgable debuggers such as TotalView can help here too.  We recognize that debugging of coarray applications is something we need to do a better job of enabling.

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I haven't used the Intel Debugger very often, but I imagine it has a feature whereby you can launch it independently and then attach to a process (a process on the local machine). If it does, then could the user run a separate instance of the Intel Debugger (potentially on different machines) each attached to a process of the application? Although this may be awkward it may suffice.

Jim Dempsey

That's the technique described in the release notes.

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