Installation of Intel Fortran for OS X 10.8.2 / XCode 4.6

Installation of Intel Fortran for OS X 10.8.2 / XCode 4.6

Hi, folks - 

I'm attempting a new installation of Intel Fortran 2013.2.146 .  I'm using OS X 10.8.2 and XCode 4.6 (w/command line tools).  Unfortunately, I'm stuck right out of the gate, and all instructions that I can find are either for older versions or jump past my current sticking point.

I downloaded l_fcompxe_2013.2.146.tgz and extracted the archive.  I cd'ed into the l_fcompxe_2013.2.146 directory.  I then ran 


...and I immediately hit problems.  The output of the above command is

> ./
./ line 338: /sbin/ldconfig: No such file or directory
grep: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory
grep: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory
./ line 61: [: -lt: unary operator expected
./ line 64: [: -eq: unary operator expected
./ line 398: /Users/ryan/Downloads/l_fcompxe_2013.2.146/./pset/32e/install.32e: cannot execute binary file
./ line 399: /var/folders/gz/vhyhbgy56sv2z2fpm6wnhv280000gn/T//intel.pset.strings.ryan.ryanlaptop.local: No such file or directory

So, it looks like the installation script is not set up for 10.8 .  I'm quickly learning that OS X is anything but a "standard" linux installation. :)

Any ideas???

Thanks -

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You cannot use the Linux distributions of Intel compilers on OSX. Download and install the distribution matched to your OS, as described in the release notes.

Hi, mecej4.  Thanks for the response.  (I love your avatar, by the way. :))

Unfortunately, when I am prompted to download, the Linux option is the only one displayed (aside from Windows).  

One factor that may be relevant... I have tried downloading both the non-commercial version, as well as the demo version of the full suite.  Is it possible that these are not offered for OSX?

We offer the non-commercial version for Linux only. You're right that the evaluation version for OS X doesn't seem to be there - this puzzles me and I will find out why.

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It seems we unintentionally removed a path to find the OS X eval download.  You can find it at  I have asked the web folks to fix this.

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Hi Steve, mee too stuck with the same problem, is there any update on availability of  non-commercial version of the intel compilers on OSX(Mavericks, I am using 10.9.3), wanna check that on my macbook pro.



The eval version is there - that got fixed more than a year ago. We're not doing non-commercial on OS X. Are you having a problem getting it?

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