Compatibility with xCode 4.6

Compatibility with xCode 4.6


Is there a version of Intel Fortran compiler (for mac) comptabile with Xcode 4.6?

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The current version, Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 1, is compatible with Xcode 4.6.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


Thanks for your reply. I alreday downloaded this version. Sorry if my question looks stupid but it is my first time  trying to run a fortran code on mac.
I am sure the code works( already  ran it on windows) but I don't know how to run it on Mac! 
xCode 4.6 opens the .for file but I can't find any run/debug  button! though the same xCode version has a run/debug button for C++ codes. Is there a specific way to run fortran codes on xCode?  Many thanks for your help. 

The documentation gives instructions.  Start here.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

thanks a lot

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