Strange install issue on Ubuntu 12.04

Strange install issue on Ubuntu 12.04


I've been trying for a day or two to get the latest Intel Fortran (and C++) compilers to install properly in Ubuntu 12.04. The issue I'm experiencing is that when I do the install, the file permissions on the default install folder only allow reading by the root user. For example, the /opt/intel directory has 700 for the permissions, and this is similar for most of the subdirectories/contents. As a result, normal users can not only not read the directory containing the compiler executables, but they also cannot run the script to setup the compilers (although the script has my user permissions). I've tried running the script as myself authenticating via sudo, and as root (both via sudo and su), and no matter what the /opt/intel directory is only readable by root. Any ideas?

Thanks, Dave

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Problem resolved, but I figured I'd post the solution in case anyone encounters a similar problem. For me, the issue was that the systemwide umask value was set to 077, meaning new files were created with 600 permissions and new directories with 700 (i.e., no other users/groups can read new files/directories). As a result, when the script was run, only root could read the install location. Changing the systemwide umask value defined in /etc/login.defs to 022 resolved the install issue (as new files have 644 permissions and directories have 755). Hopefully you don't encounter this issue, but if you do, perhaps the above will be useful.

Thanks, Dave.  Someone else did run into the umask issue recently, maybe 3 weeks ago.  And it does show up fairly frequently.  I'll update my linux installation guides to include checking umask.


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