ICE and related issue with overriding binding

ICE and related issue with overriding binding

I've attached an short example code that causes an ICE with the just released 13.1.1 compiler (and presumably earlier). The example includes a variant that doesn't result in an ICE, but which results in what I believe is a spurious fatal code error.  The code defines an abstract type and an extension of that type that overrides a deferred function binding.  The compiler asserts that the characteristic of the overriding function result differs from the interface of the deferred binding.  I don't believe it does.  The details, including references to the standard, are in the header of the example.

Regards,  Neil

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Here's the example code.


Downloadapplication/octet-stream intel-bug-20130330.f903.04 KB

Thanks - I have escalated this to the developers as issue DPD200242779. It's similar (but not exactly the same) as

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A fix has been found for this issue. We are planning to include it in the next major release which is currently scheduled for later this year.


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