Cannot compile with -g on Mountain Lion

Cannot compile with -g on Mountain Lion


I just downloaded Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 for OSX for evaluation and I encounter the following problem.

When I compile a simple helloworld.f90 using, ifort helloworld.f90 everything works fine. However, as soon as I add the -g flag to getting debugging symbols, I get the following error message:

dolfinMBP:Desktop bknaepen$ ifort -g helloworld3.f90
final section layout:
__TEXT/__text addr=0x100001030, size=0x0006DF40, fileOffset=0x00001030, type=1
__TEXT/__stubs addr=0x10006EF70, size=0x000001C2, fileOffset=0x0006EF70, type=27
__TEXT/__stub_helper addr=0x10006F134, size=0x000002FE, fileOffset=0x0006F134, type=31
__TEXT/__const addr=0x10006F440, size=0x00002148, fileOffset=0x0006F440, type=0
__TEXT/__cstring addr=0x1000715A0, size=0x00007C93, fileOffset=0x000715A0, type=12
__TEXT/__eh_frame addr=0x100079238, size=0x00010DC0, fileOffset=0x00079238, type=18
__DATA/__program_vars addr=0x10008A000, size=0x00000028, fileOffset=0x0008A000, type=29
__DATA/__got addr=0x10008A028, size=0x00000290, fileOffset=0x0008A028, type=28
__DATA/__nl_symbol_ptr addr=0x10008A2B8, size=0x00000010, fileOffset=0x0008A2B8, type=28
__DATA/__la_symbol_ptr addr=0x10008A2C8, size=0x00000258, fileOffset=0x0008A2C8, type=26
__DATA/__mod_init_func addr=0x10008A520, size=0x00000008, fileOffset=0x0008A520, type=32
__DATA/.comment addr=0x10008A528, size=0x00000026, fileOffset=0x0008A528, type=0
__DATA/__debug_frame addr=0x10008A54E, size=0x00000058, fileOffset=0x0008A54E, type=0
__DATA/__data addr=0x10008A5C0, size=0x0000D420, fileOffset=0x0008A5C0, type=0
__DATA/__common addr=0x1000979E0, size=0x00000020, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=24
__DATA/__bss addr=0x100097A00, size=0x00006B60, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=24
__DWARFA/__debug_info addr=0x10009F000, size=0x000000BC, fileOffset=0x00098000, type=0
__DWARFA/__debug_line addr=0x10009F0BC, size=0x00000055, fileOffset=0x000980BC, type=0
__DWARFA/__debug_abbrev addr=0x10009F111, size=0x00000038, fileOffset=0x00098111, type=0
ld: 32-bit absolute address out of range (0x10009F111 max is 4GB): from .debug_info_seg + 0x00000006 (0x10009F000) to anon@0x000001C9 (0x10009F111) in '.debug_info_seg' from helloworld3.o for architecture x86_64

Strangely, if I build from withing Xcode 4.6.1 in debug mode, there is no issue and I can access the debugging info from within the debugger.

Is this a known issue?



My platform information is:

Mac OS 10.8.2, Xcode 4.6.1 (installed before ifort), ifort version 13.0.2.

The code is: 

program HelloWorld

implicit none

write (*,*) 'Hello, world!'

end program HelloWorld

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After googling a bit more I found a similar thread in the C++ forum. The problem is related to a self compiled gdb 7.5.1 debugger. After removing it from my path, the issue is solved.

Thanks for the update.

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