is rec64byte alignment option gone ?

is rec64byte alignment option gone ?

Hi, I'm using ifort (IFORT) 13.1.1 20130313.
I want to try the effect of "-align rec64byte" on MIC because Intel's document ( suggested it.
However, my ifort says error about rec64byte.
Actually, ifort -help says that -align recnbyte accept only rec{1,2,4,8,16,32}byte.
I know that ifort (IFORT) 13.0.0 20120731 can accepts rec64byte.
Then, is rec64byte option gone? If yes, why is it gone? Are there no meaningful effect? or are there alternative options? (I know -Zp option can't accept 64 option, too.)


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The article is mistaken - there is no such option at present, nor has there been one. For "rec", 32byte is the maximum supported - note that this specifies alignment of individual components of a derived type/record. You can always do your own alignment (use a BIND(C) type to fix the layout.) Use one of the other options to align the start of the derived type variable at the desired boundary.

I will inform the author of the article that a correction is needed.

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Thank you for your comment!
I'll try available options.

@Steve. The man page for ifort also says that rec64byte exists.

So it does. That's wrong too. I'll get it fixed.

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