ifort mpif90 compile mpi program error

ifort mpif90 compile mpi program error

the program is

program main
use mpi
character *(MPI_MAX_PROCESSOR_NAME) processor_name
integer myid,numprocs,namelen,rc,ierr
call MPI_INIT(ierr)
call MPI_COMM_SIZE(MPI_COMM_WORLD,numprocs,ierr)
call MPI_GET_PROCESSOR_NAME(processor_name,namelen,ierr)
print *,"Hello World ! Process "!,myid,"of",numprocs,"on",processor_name

I got errors

test.f90(2): error #7013: This module file was not generated by any release of this compiler. [MPI]
use mpi
test.f90(3): error #6279: A specification expression object must be a dummy argument, a COMMON block object, or an object accessible through host or use association [MPI_MAX_PROCESSOR_NAME]
character *(MPI_MAX_PROCESSOR_NAME) processor_name
test.f90(3): error #6591: An automatic object is invalid in a main program. [PROCESSOR_NAME]
character *(MPI_MAX_PROCESSOR_NAME) processor_name
compilation aborted for test.f90 (code 1)

mpif90 -v :   ifort version 13.0.0

mpif90 -V

Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20120731
Copyright (C) 1985-2012 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

mpif90 --showme

ifort -I/opt/openmpi-icc/include -I/opt/openmpi-icc/lib -L/opt/openmpi-icc/lib -lmpi_f90 -lmpi_f77 -lmpi -ldl -lm -Wl,--export-dynamic -lrt -lnsl -lutil

I want compile with ifort ,how should I do ?

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As you are using OpenMPI, but it seems you don't have mpif90 fully enabled, you must refer to their FAQ on how to build MPI using ifort as the Fortran compiler.

Your OpenMPI installation is not correct.  The code your supplied compiles and runs fine with OpenMPI (tested with OpenMPI 1.6.4 and ifort 13.1.1).  It looks like ifort is complaining that your mpi.mod was not built with the intel compiler and the default fortran compiler on your system is not compatible with ifort.  When you build OpenMPI you can specify the fortran compiler used to build the fortran modules and libraries using "F77=ifort FC=ifort" in the configure script.  In case it helps, this is configure invocation I used to build OpenMPI:

./configure --prefix=/opt/openmpi CC=icc CXX=icpc F77=ifort FC=ifort --with-mpi-f90-size=medium

Thanks , I believe that the sysadmin alwalys will be correct, Now I don't think so .....,

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