GPU Information

GPU Information

Hi Guys

I always have been programming in C/C++. In my last projects I have used CUDA to develop my parallel applications, but now I have to make a new project but in this case using Fortran and GPU's.

So, I'd like to get some reference or a good tutorial to work with the gpu Intel fortran compiler for GPU.

Can some body tell me with this subject?

Thanks in advanced
Best regards

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Intel's solution to offloading work to a coprocessor is the Intel Xeon Phi product line based on Intel Many Integrated Core architecture. Intel Fortran does not support GPU programming a la CUDA. Intel Xeon Phi is supported by the current Intel Fortran compiler and presents an easier-to-program method of accelerated computing. We also support the OpenMP 4.0 additions for coprocessors.

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Though not supported, you might try a project like fortrancl ( ), which provide an f90 interface to OpenCL.  


According the client requirements, I'll need to work in PGI fortran.

So we'll have to buy this compiler.

Thankyou very much

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