Uninitialized variables

Uninitialized variables

Is there a way to have ifort look for uninitialized variables (maybe a debugging flag)?

Thanks - Ben

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In Debug build there is a runtime option to check for use of un-initialized variables.

-QTrapuv and/or -RTCu

Jim Dempsey

No, not -Qtrapuv - pretend that doesn't exist. -check uninit will do some checking. The Static Analysis feature of Fortran Studio XE can do a good job of this.

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jimdempseyatthecove wrote:


This won't tell you that you have uninitialized variables but will likely cause runtime errors or garbage program output if you do have them. This flag causes your variables to start out with garbage values that will propagate through your code if you are not initializing them before use. 

-Qtrapuv isn't useful. What it does is cause floating point variables to be initialized to an "unusual value". It is not a NaN or anything else that would trigger an exception. I think using this reduces the chance of your finding errors and recommend against using it.

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