can't install on opensuse 12.1

can't install on opensuse 12.1


I've been told to install the intel fortran compiler on opensuse 12.1

When I try to install it, there is an error message saying this is not a supported operating system.

The install won't complete, and thus I am failing to execute my orders!

So, perhaps downloading the intel fortran libraries alone might help?

I have tried looking online for instructions on how to do this... But I'm not getting anything.

Please help:

How can I install the intel fortran compiler on opensuse 12.1?

If I can't, how can I install/download the intel fortran libraries?


Matteo Miller-Nicolato

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Have you seen ?  It looks geared to the c/c++ compilers and for an older generation of gcc compatibility, but perhaps it can be adapted to work for you.

FWIW I also run on an unsported OS (gentoo) and while the install does complain about missing pre-requisite software, I have an option to ignore that and proceed.

As Casey said, you must accept the unsupported OS option when installing on OpenSuSE.  I expect it to be relatively easy to install the Intel64 compiler on an x86_64 OS or the ia32 compiler on the 32-bit SuSE, assuming that you have installed the default g++ development system. 

The ia32 compiler on x86_64, if you want it, would require you to have installed the 32-bit g++ as well as the 64-bit one.  That is tough to install even on the "supported" OS.

If you have an appropriate license for ifort, you can download the redistributable shared libraries from so as to support run-time library references for an application built on another computer.

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