ifort compiles for infinite time

ifort compiles for infinite time

Dear all,

starting with ifort 13.0.0.x in Linux SLES 11.0 (including all ifort updates up to the ifort compiles no longer is able to compile our in-house code. Most source files are compiled into object file but at some particular file compilation never finishes even after several days. I know that this is very vague information, and therefore, I am not asking "how to fix this problem" ;-) My question is as follows: Is is possible to instruct ifort to print out internal information, e.g. about which line of the source code file is processed, which compilation stage is active, etc. In short, instead of seeing that

ifort -c mysource.f90 -o mysource.o

keeps in compiling forever I would like to see any information which would give me a hint, where to start debugging this failure.

Thanking you very much in avance.


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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

You could try reducing optimization limit thresholds or turning off optimizations for groups of loops e.g.


(if that option works with your version)

If you contact Intel Premier Support, we can help you with tools to narrow down where the issue might be. It would be more helpful if you're able to provide us with the source file that is causing the problem, including any sources it depends on.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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