Opening Fortran with Xcode

Opening Fortran with Xcode


I wanted open fortran by using xcode. I already spent a lot of time trying to understand what I am doing wrong. I am not able to figure it out. I checked the following website as well:

However, I am not able to work it.

My Xcode is version 4.6.3. My mac OS x is version 10.7.5. The fortran compiler is intel fortran composer xe 2013 for OS X student version.

When I go with the directions given in the link above, I see the following:

-Launch Xcode

-Create a new xcode project

-OS X -> Application ->Command Line tool->Next.

Product name: Hello


Uncheck automatic reference counting.

-Click next. Click Save.

-Move Main.cpp and Hello.1 to trash.

-File->New file->Fortran Fixed Format File.

I do not have Groups&Files under the Target group.

-Click on Targets-> Click on Build Rules.

-Click on Add Build Rule on the lower right.

-Under Process choose fortran source files.

-Under Using choose Intel Fortran Compiler XE 13.0 (Limited Feature).

Go to File.for. Enter the following:

    program Hello
    write(*,*) 'Hello'
    end program Hello


I get the following error line by line:

line1 program Hello

error #5149: Illegal character in statement label field.

error #5118: First statement in file must not be continues

line 2 write(*,*) 'Hello'

error #5082: Syntax error, found CHARACTER_CONSTANT

error #5149: Illegal character in statement label field

line 3 end program Hello

error #5082: Syntax error, found END-OF-FILE when expecting one of <LABEL> <END-OF-STATEMENT>

error #5149: Illegal character in statement label field

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If you choose "Fixed Format File", you must type your Fortran source to match. Statements begin in column 7, etc.

Alternatively, choose "Free Format File" and give the file a name ending in .f90.


Thank you very much for your reply. It worked. Do you know where I can find the format for "Fixed Format File". I normally use Microsoft Visual Studio on my Microsoft and I use the format with .for. Is .f90 faster than .for?

I tested one of my fortran codes by using .f90 on Xcode. I have faced several problems.

Normally C and !! do commenting. However, this time C is not commenting. Is it possible to comment multiple lines by using Xcode?

A 'C' in column-1 designates the line as a comment, but only in fixed-format source.

For the rules of fixed-format and free-format source, see any Fortran text book, or in the Intel Fortran documentation->Language Reference->Program Elements and Source Forms.

You cannot have multi-line comments without each line being a comment (such as in C, where they are delimited by /* and */), but you can achieve the same effect using the preprocessor, using #if 0...#endif.

There should not be much difference in the speed of compiling free-format source versus fixed-format source.

I do not have a Macintosh, so I cannot comment about X-Code.

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