Error #10236: File not found

Error #10236: File not found

Hi guys!

I'm in the process of converting some older code form the 90s to use some of the newer libraries (multi-threaded LAPACK/BLAS). I'm having a problem with one code. I believe I've managed to correct the library dependencies but I get the following error when I try to compile and link it:

ifort: error #10236: File not found:  'sig2d.exe'

sig2d.exe is the name of the target executable that I'm trying to create. Can anybody provide some insight into what the problem could be?


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Can you upload a Makefile (or your command line) and build log?  That error needs some be able to provide any helpful feedback.

Here is the exact makefile I am using and the output to the console. Thanks.


Downloadtext/plain makefile.txt1.63 KB
Downloadtext/plain cmd-line.txt5.09 KB

Whoops, I don't think it uploaded.


Downloadtext/plain cmd-line.txt5.09 KB

Take the "-c" flag out of this line:

$(FC) -o -c $@ $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS) ../../../lib/$(ACAL) ../../../lib/libutil.a

The -c tells the compiler to compile but not link, which is not what you want.  Also the -c is getting in the way of -o so that sgid.exe is interpreted as an input file, not output.  

Ok, that compiles without errors, but now I get warnings:

ifort: warning #10145: no action performed for file 'sig2d.o'

I thought it had something to do with the format of the source...

any ideas about the error #10145? im on a time crunch to get these codes converted. Thanks!

Please post the current version of the makefile that causes the error message to be issued. You posted an older version earlier, and you indicate that you have made some changes to it, but we do not know what those were.

Thanks for the response. This is the latest version of the makefile.


Downloadtext/plain makefile-new.txt1.67 KB

The warning would have been caused by a command such as

ifort -c sig2d.o
possibly with other compiler options. The command does not make sense, since no Fortran source is specified; hence the warning,  The question then is, did make generate such a command from the makefile? When I ran make on your latest makefile, I did not get this warning.

It is possible that the makefile that you are using is not quite the same as that which you posted. Please check. Another thing to try is to clean all old object files and rebuild.

The latest makefile was copied directly from the build directory I was using in VMware into windows and then uploaded here, so it is the latest version.

I have been performing a make clean prior to rebuilding.

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