Thoughts on merging the Fortran forums for Linux (and Mac OS X) and Windows!?

Thoughts on merging the Fortran forums for Linux (and Mac OS X) and Windows!?

I just created this post at the Windows forums about being to able to view topics together.

What are the thoughts of readers at this forum should there be a merger between this and the Windows one?  Say Intel provides a required field for posters to quality a new topic, say General, Windows, Linux (and Mac OS X).  Hopefully all Fortran discussions related to Fortran 2003/2008 standards, IFORT status, etc. will fall in the General category.  Then a filter can be made for readers to view General, or General+Windows, or General+Linux, or All topics.  Would you like that?


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I think the idea of having a combined forum dedicated to Fortran issues is good and most of the posts in this forum are already just that.  While some posts are directly related to the Linux and MacOS platforms most are compiler bugs and issues like standard compliant code not being properly interpreted by the compiler, etc.  However, sometimes it seems like the windows forums is almost the opposite, with many posts dealing with topics like VS shell integration, debug/release profile issues, VBA / VB.NET interoperability, non-standard C interop attributes (stdcall / fastcall, dllexport, etc), QuickWin and CVF issues.  As such, I would lean toward keeping the forums as is.

I read and reply to both forums - though I use IVF under Windows. Keeping the forums seperate may change how I phrase the replies. For this I favor keeping the forums separate.

Jim Dempsey

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