there's an error : "ld: library not found for -lSystemStubs"

there's an error : "ld: library not found for -lSystemStubs"

dear all,

I've met some problem while using intel fortran 11.0 on mac os 10.8.7, with xcode 5.0.

It looks like the following:

prompt$ ifort aa.f90
ld: library not found for -lSystemStubs

what's the problem?

aa.f90 is here:

program aa

        print *, "hello, world"
        end program

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We only just announced support for OS X* 10.8 and Xcode 5.0 in Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 1 (posted yesterday - 10/24/2013) with the 14.0 compiler.

The combinations of those with the 11.1 compiler was never tested nor intended to be supported. The supported remedy is to upgrade to Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 1.

I did find discussions of this error and an unsupported remedy from others in this old article; however, I do not know whether it will help in your case and my recommendation is to upgrade to the latest Composer.

Kevin, I finally make intel fortran 11 work on mac os 10.8, with command line tools 5.0.

Later I'll paste how i did here.

Intel Fortran 11 needs SystemStubs,but it's allredy deprecated since OS X 10.6.  One way to workaround is find some static linked library, such as libifcore.a, and create a symbolic link of it with the source name libSystemStubs.a. Or you can find the SystemStubs library from the web, place them in /usr/lib, just like following thread :

Good luck!

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