latest coarray distributed memory linux guidelines

latest coarray distributed memory linux guidelines

Is this tutorial:

Distributed Memory Coarray Fortran
with the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux:
Essential Guide by Ronald W Green, 04/12/2011

still the best advice for linux distributed
memory coarray code with ifort 14.0?

I find the logic of -coarray-config-file a bit contorted.
As the guilde itself says:
Thus, the "CAF configuration file" is nothing more than arguments to the Intel MPI 'mpiexec' command.
*end quote*

So why not do away with the config file and just
specify the mpirun options directly in the job
submission script.

An extra confusion with the config file setup is
that it is not clear where to give the command line
options to the coarray program: in the config file,
or in the job submission script? My experience
shows that the config file is the correct place.
Yet the guide seems to suggest that the job submission
script is the place.

BTW, the guide has some typos. I can provide corrections,
if needed. However, I wanted to check first in case it has
been superceded by something else.



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