Need a feature list for Fortran Composer for Linux

Need a feature list for Fortran Composer for Linux

Greetings, experts.

I need a Fortran compiler for 64-bit Linux that can create statically-linked executables and supports OpenMP.  I am considering purchasing Intel Fortran Composer XE, but I can't find answers on Intel's website to these important questions:

Does the Linux version of ifort support all the same code and compiler options as the Windows version?  In particular, can it compile statically-linked OpenMP executables (or allow the redistribution of any shared objects required to support OpenMP)?

Does it come with an IDE? If not (which would be absolutely inexcusable), can it be easily integrated into a familiar open-source IDE such as Netbeans or Eclipse?

My developing environment is a virtual Linux machine (I have both Ubuntu and CentOS available) running atop a Windows 7 host machine (via Oracle VirtualBox).  Is there anything in Intel's Linux licensing policy that would object to this?

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Static linking of the OpenMP library is still available on Linux, but it is not the default. We allow royalty-free, unlimited redistribution of our shared objects.

We don't provide an IDE. Many users who want an IDE use Eclipse (with the Photran Fortran Development Tool). Code.Blocks is another popular choice.

We have no issue with virtual machines, but we don't test them so if a VM creates a problem for you, our response may be limited.

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Thanks for your reply, Steve.

I reckon I will attempt to install the trial version and see how it goes.  Aside from the time limit, does it lack any functionality of the full product?

Mark H.

Nope - same functionality. Only the license is different.

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