uninstall help for Mac OS X

uninstall help for Mac OS X

Hi, I have a version of the intel compilers installed on my Mac, for which I no longer have a license. I checked the sticky thread about help uninstalling, but it seems to be targeted at either just the Linux distribution or is outdated. (There is no evidence of an uninstall.sh script anywhere.) How does one go about removing this old version?



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Sorry no one has responded yet.

What version is it?

The uninstall script for OS X* in the current Composer XE 2013 SP1 and previous release to that were named: uninstall_ccompxe.sh and uninstall_fcompxe.sh.

These only appear in the versioned directories (i.e. /opt/intel/compose_xe_2013.3.171) not in the generic (i.e. /opt/intel/composer_xe_2013).


No worries about the slow response, the thread got buried. For some reason (perhaps from the sticky post) I thought that the scripts were in the bin/ subdirectory, and that they were just called uninstall.sh. So my find /path/ -name uninstall.sh came up empty handed as did my manual searching. Thanks for clarifying this, I have now been able to uninstall the versions for which I no longer have a license.

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