error #5082

error #5082

I just installed m_fcomp_2013_sp1.1.103 on OS 10.8.5 using Xcode 502.

I basically try to compile a simple program, following the "tutorial" on file:///opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.1.103/Documentation/en_US/compiler_f/main_for/index.htm

When I hit build, I get this error:
error #5082: Syntax error, found END-OF-FILE when expecting one of: <LABEL> <END-OF-STATEMENT> ; BLOCK BLOCKDATA PROGRAM MODULE TYPE INTEGER REAL …

I created a fortran.f90 file, which contains one line:

`WRITE(*,*) "hello"


I had created a C-project in Xcode. I deleted the associated *.c and *.1 file. Is it possible, that the target is somehow still associated to something in C?


Thanks for your help,

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There is a leading single quote in the source line you posted. Remove that and add an END statement after the line and see if that compiles.


thanks, the leading single quote was only in this forum. The END statement solved the issue. Long time no fortran… thanks!

You're welcome. I'm glad that resolved it.

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