What is the down side to compiling code with "-g -O3" ??

What is the down side to compiling code with "-g -O3" ??



I am just trying to understand what the implication of compiling production codes with "-g -O3" would be.

Other than binary size being larger what is the downside of including the debug symbols on fortran binaries? Is there a performance penalty? If so roughly around 2%, 5%.?

I understand that debugging code with "-g -O3" is probably a bit difficult for a debugger as the code will probably get moved around by the compiler. I am not trying to debug codes that I know I have a bug on or that are reproducible with this.

I am only trying to this for cases when I have production codes that are running well but for some corner case the code hangs so I would like to attach to it and get some useful information from a debugger.  Some of these are not reproducible or they take to long to get to that point so being able to just attach and get some hint would be useful.









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There's not really a performance penalty, other than larger executable size.

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