Error optional arrays

Error optional arrays

Dear all,

I stumbled upon a compiler-error (or is it a restriction in the standard?) with passing optional arrays in mixed assumed- and explicit shape.

module m
    implicit none
    ! explicit shape optional
    subroutine take_optional(arg)
        integer, dimension(1), optional :: arg
        print *, present(arg)   ! output is "F"
    end subroutine
    ! assumed shape optional
    subroutine pass_optional(arg)
        integer, dimension(:), optional :: arg
        call take_optional(arg)  ! expects explicit shape
    end subroutine
end module
program p
    use m
    implicit none
    integer, dimension(1) :: arg
    arg = [1]
    call pass_optional(arg)
end program

The assumed-shape array is passed to a second subroutine which expects explicit shape. It is however not present any more, and any attempt to access it will cause a runtime error. Compiler is ifort 14.0.1, all default options.

Your comments are appreciated.

With regards

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Just checked it, got "T" for ifort 12.1.2 and 13.0.1, gfortran 4.6.3 and "F" for ifort  14.0.1, all with default options

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