Premature analysis of open statement

Premature analysis of open statement

Here's a silly little problem I don't believe I've reported before, but which probably ought to be fixed.  The 14.0.2 and earlier compilers all complain about the following code

program main
end program


intel-bug-20121024.f90(19): error #8414: If NEWUNIT appears in OPEN statement either FILE or STATUS (with value SCRATCH) specifiers must appear.   [STATUS]

Clearly the compiler is not completely parsing the OPEN statement before checking the constraints for NEWUNIT.  I see nothing in the standard that requires a particular order of the indentifiers.

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Never mind.  By happenstance Steve recently replied to a very old topic started by dogunter, which I just read.  It turns out I did report this bug to my institutional HPC support and that was the basis for the old topic.  The issue ID is DPD200238261.

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