MPICH2-1.5 Install problem - help!

MPICH2-1.5 Install problem - help!

I am trying to install mpich2-1.5 on my linux system (RHEL 6.5) but I can't

The configure failed showing

configure error: ***** Incompatible Fortran and C Object File Types! *****

F77 object file type produced by 'ifort' is ::ELF 32-bit LSB relocatable, Intel 80386. version 1 (GNU/Linux). not stripped.

C object file type produced by 'gcc -02' is ::ELF 64-bit LSB relocatable. x86-64. version 1 (SYSV). not striped.


I am using 64 bit system and installed intel parallel studio 2013 (evaluation version)


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If you're trying to build mpich in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit linux, you will need to assure that gcc always gets the -m32 option (and that you have installed that version of g++ development system, not necessarily an easy task on Red Hat, as well as the 64-bit one).  Your application would then also need to be built entirely in 32-bit mode.  It's not entirely explicable why people would continue to run MPI in 32-bit mode; the difficulties don't end with the bits I mention here.

This particular problem would not arise if you would use the ifort for intel64 64-bit mode and build mpich for 64-bit mode.  If you didn't download the intel64 installer in your trial, you should be able to go back and get that one, as described in  (it works for newer as well as older versions).  If you have installed ifort for intel64, you would simply source the compilervars with intel64 in place of ia32 argument to set up for 64-bit mode configure and build (you would probably need to wipe out your build directory prior to reconfigure).

The current compilers don't have 64-bit only or 32-bit only installers. As Tim says, you do need to make sure you are being consistent in which architecture you're compiling for.

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