O3 optimization gives incorrect results for allocatable arrays and nested loops

O3 optimization gives incorrect results for allocatable arrays and nested loops

I experienced a problem when usign -O3 optimization on code with nested loops acting on allocatable arrays. The following shows a minimal example of my code:


program main
  use norms
  implicit none

  integer :: Nx,Ny,Nz
  complex, ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION(:,:,:) :: arr
  real, ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION(:) :: normParts1

  integer :: i,j

  ALLOCATE(arr(Nx,Ny,Nz), normParts1(Nz))


  write(*,*) norm(Nx,Ny,Nz,arr)
  CALL normParts(Nx,Ny,Nz,arr,NormParts1)
  write(*,*) NormParts1
end program main


module norms
  implicit none

  function norm(Nx,Ny,Nz, arr)
    implicit none
    COMPLEX, INTENT(IN) :: arr(Nx,Ny,Nz)
    REAL :: norm

    INTEGER :: i,j, k

    do i=1,Nx
       do j=1,Ny
          do k=1, Nz
          end do
       end do
    end do

  end function norm
  subroutine normParts(Nx, Ny, Nz, arr, normParts1)
    IMPLICIT none

    REAL :: normParts1(Nz)
    INTEGER, INTENT(IN) :: Nx, Ny, Nz
    COMPLEX, INTENT(IN) :: arr(Nx,Ny,Nz)

    INTEGER:: i,j,k
    do k=1,Nz
    end do
    !do k=1,Nz
       do i=1,Nx
          do j=1,Ny
             do k=1,Nz
          end do
       end do
    end do
  end subroutine normParts
end module norms 

when compiled with composer_xe_2013_sp1.0.080 and -03, normParts gives an incorrect result: norm=3, normParts=(2,0,0,0).

When compiled with 02, or when interchanging the loop order, such that k is the outermost loop (which would indeed be more efficient) everything works fine and norm=3, normParts=(3,0,0,0).

Is there anything dangerous in my code that may lead to behavior? Can this behavior be expected or is there something weird about this?

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This appears to be a defect in the Composer XE 2013 SP1 initial release (pkg. 080) that you noted using. I don't have a specific internal tracking id that I can associate the incorrect results/behavior to but the defect appears to be fixed beginning with the Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 2 (pkg. l_fcompxe_2013.1.2.144) release.

At your convenience, if you can upgrade to the Update 2 that should resolve the issue or you might consider upgrading to the latest Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 3 (l_fcompxe_2013.1.3.174).

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