Help to Update Intel Fortran Compiler and c++ compiler

Help to Update Intel Fortran Compiler and c++ compiler


Could you guys explain me how to update the intel fortran Composer XE and the C++ composer XE (both are part of the Intel Cluster Studio )

The head teacher of my lab bought the Intel cluster studio in 2012 but it has never been updated so i need let it up to date.

I can say for sure that the licence is valid till february 2015 and i've already downloaded the latest version (2013 SP1) of the compilers but i don't know how to proceed (its the first time that i have to deal with this kind of software)

If you guys could help me with a step-by-step procedure of how to do the update i would be really thankful.

I've already tried to look in the user's guide (this page: but not found anything useful


Thanks for your help and support


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The files you downloaded would be gzipped tar files, which you can expand under a directory you own by e.g. tar zxf   Then you would cd into the directory populated by this command and run e.g. ./

For a normal full system installation in /opt/intel it will ask you for root password.  There are also options to install in your own space. If your current license is in /opt/intel/licenses/ the install should offer to use it, otherwise it will ask you to enter serial number for on-line checking or to point to a copy of the license file.

Only the amplifier/vtune profiler will ask to remove an existing version and replace drivers.  The compilers and others will happily install alongside what is already there, and the compilervars scripts which you must source will reside in the new installation.  If you install in  /opt/intel some  symlinks, including one for compilervars, may be updated to point to the new version.

Thank You Tim.

Your answer was very helpful

So, if i use the full installation, i dont need to remove the older version (2 years old ~ since 2012) and it will not trigger any kind of problem?Is this true to all the softwares in the cluster studio? (no, i don't have the vtune amplifier here)

i'm working here in the University for only 2 months so i can't say for sure in which version the compilers are but  i think that it's the 2011 build (because of the date of the license) but i'm not a 100% sure.

one more thing that i forgot to mention in the previous post:

Is there anything else that i need to install/update (OS packages or other software in the cluster studio) to avoid broken depencies or incompatibility?




renato g. wrote:

Is there anything else that i need to install/update (OS packages or other software in the cluster studio) to avoid broken depencies or incompatibility?

There’s no way for us to know this, without know the intimate details of your OS and installed libraries and software. Make sure that you read all the documentation and then try installing the software and running it. If you run into issues, you can trouble shoot them on your own, or here, one by one.

Also, see the sticky forum post about exactly this topic:

There are prerequisites listed in the release notes, which will install in the documentation directory of the compiler installation, even if the installation isn't successful.  The principal one is that you have installed appropriate g++ development system option; the most annoying version of that is for the case when you want to install the "ia32" 32-bit compiler on a 64-bit system where the basic g++ supports only 64-bit mode.  So don't use that mode if you don't need it, just use "intel64" compiler on a 64-bit operating system (it's not your hardware which matters here, it's the OS flavor).  There are other situations where you must accept a warning during installation and agree to install in spite of the warning.

The release notes also tell you what ranges of linux distributions are fully tested, but that doesn't mean you can't use something outside those ranges, as others mentioned.  It may mean that your problems don't get high priority for fixing.  For the most part, if you have g++ no older than version 4.4 you should be all set.

You don't have to remove old versions if you don't want to.

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