Can Intel make tracking incident database "viewable" for everyone, so users can more easily track issues themselves?

Can Intel make tracking incident database "viewable" for everyone, so users can more easily track issues themselves?

Won't it be a great benefit to all users if the tracking incident database for Intel compiler incidents (bugs/features, etc.) can be made "viewable" for everyone?  I think it could be a "marketing coup" and generate a lot of positive feedback for Intel software products if Intel were to make this happen.

I know Premier Support offers some tracking capability, but my subscription status doesn't include that support and so I don't know the exact details.  My interest is in some tracking capability that will be open to everyone and which will give the users to simply view and keep up with the progress on all existing incidents,  

Note it is NOT necessary for the actual incident database to be accessible for all users - it could even be that a report is generated using some automated script at some frequency, perhaps weekly, from the database and a summary of all open incidents and their status along with incidents that have been closed over some time period, say past year, is presented at some link at  The summary simply has to include the subject and some description of the incident, its status, the reference to a forum topic if applicable, if fixed then the details of the compiler version that includes the fix.  This itself will be of great help and it will more than suffice for what I'm looking for.  Of course, Intel is free to include any additional details, if they wish to, such as file attachments, sample code, developer comments, etc.

It will be much better than the current situation where someone who doesn't have Premier Support opens a topic on the forum, someone at Intel reviews and submits an incident with the Development team, and has to post back manually on the forum to update the readers (and the OP) on the status.  And it is easy to lose track in such an environment, so the OP often has to post a reminder comment to know the status.

What does everyone think?  Feedback/comments welcome.


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The full database with the DPD tracking identifiers is visible only to a restricted group of Intel personnel.  While many of the issues which are mentioned on the forums have implied permission for public visibility, that's not true of the majority of the issues in the DPD list.

I would be concerned that if a public viewable bug status list were instituted, it wouldn't be kept sufficiently up to date and couldn't include a broad enough view to offer the benefits you envision.

Premier Support accounts are available to everyone, including non-commercial licensees (and many of the people on the forum who decline to use Premier Support).  I recognize that some customers with network shared licensees may run into internal problems in their organization as to who is able to take advantage of the support account associated with that license, but such situations usually involve policies disallowing bug submissions to a public bug list.  The positive side of it is that it's helpful in many such organizations for one or two people to be able to manage bug submissions from multiple colleagues.

In my personal view, the outside customer Premier Support has worked better for me than the limited internal view I had as an Intel employee the last year or two prior to my retirement.

For each release, we publish a "README" file that lists the issues fixed in that release. The problem with your suggestion is that nearly all issues can't be adequately described in an issue title, leading to users believing a problem is solved when in fact some entirely different issue with some of the same aspects was fixed.

As Tim says, the best thing is to use Intel Premier Support to report the problem and let us make sure that it either is or isn't a known problem. We'll then keep you updated. You can use this forum too, and if you subscribe to the thread you will get notified of updates. We do track correlation of forum threads to issues, and we try to keep everything updated.

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I think the current situation is onerous on everyone involved, particularly Intel staff, and the information comes through in disparate streams.  It can be streamlined and improved, if there was will,. But status quo it will be, it appears.


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