Error installing on Ubuntu

Error installing on Ubuntu


I am unable to install Intel Fortran Compiler XE for Intel(R) 64 component on Ubuntu 14.04. It says 'Unsupportted OS' at first. However, if I ignore and continue, select Intel 64 architecture, at Installation stage I get the error:

Installing Intel Fortran Compiler XE for Intel(R) 64 component...
ERROR: Unable to extract data from RPM package. Please check that temporary
directory is not full.

Please help.



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Which version of the compiler are you trying to install? Have you read ?

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The installer will use /tmp to extract files.  How full is your disk, and do you have permission to write to /tmp?

touch /tmp/foo

should succeed.

df -k  will show how much disk space you have.  Look for root, or "/" as tmp is directory under your root partition.

if for some reason your root partition is full or you don't have permissions on /tmp let me know..  There is a way to specify another directory for extraction and use during installation.



There seems to be enough space: df -h shows this:

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda7        28G   11G   16G  40% /
none            4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
udev            1.8G  4.0K  1.8G   1% /dev
tmpfs           365M  1.3M  364M   1% /run
none            5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
none            1.8G  1.3M  1.8G   1% /run/shm
none            100M   48K  100M   1% /run/user
/dev/sda9       267G   16G  238G   7% /home

/tmp is not separately partitioned. It is under / directory, with 16GB free space

Just as an aside, is there any role for the 'tmpfs' mounted on /run here?


I am trying to install




Any leads on this issue? I am waiting to hear from you :)

- Aditya

Is it possible that your RPM database is locked?

Usually the simple
rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db* will remove the files which hold lock state information (these files start with that distinctive "__"). As these lock state holding files are automatically re-created if missing, this is a safe approach.

have you rebooted lately?

And is the rpm package installed on your system?


You did say / is not full.  But did you check that you have write permissions on /tmp?

Are you installing as root user or a normal user?


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