Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 has been released!

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 has been released!

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018, including Intel® Fortran Compiler 18.0, is now available from the Intel Registration Center. Release notes can be found here.

The Intel® Fortran Compiler now supports all features from the Fortran 2008 standard. Additional Fortran 2008 features added in the Intel® Fortran 18.0 release are noted below:

  • COMPLEX arguments to trigonometric and hyperbolic intrinsic functions
  • FINDLOC intrinsic function
  • Optional argument BACK in MAXLOC and MINLOC intrinsic functions
  • Multiple type-bound procedures in a PROCEDURE list
  • Passing a non-pointer data item to a pointer dummy argument
  • Polymorphic assignment with allocatable Left Hand Side (LHS)
  • Allocatable components of recursive type and forward reference
  • Data statement restrictions removed

Language features for task reductions from the OpenMP* Technical Report 4: Version 5.0 Preview 1 specifications are now supported.

Please see the release notes for more details.

Devorah - Intel® Developer Support
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Hello Devorah,

I have a big issue, I donwloaded the Visual Studio Professional 2017 and the last version of Fortran (Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 1). I tried to install it and I believe the installation was ok, but when I want to run my projects. The complete explication about my issue is in this link. I hope with the highest of hopes any help. Thank you.

I installed parallel studio 2018 using via e-mail seral number as a student, I have a licence file (l_4BFNNJZD.lic) in opt/intel/licences/ directory  



        ArBBL CCompL Comp-CL Comp-DCAF Comp-FL Comp-OpenMP \
        Comp-PointerChecker DAAL-L DbgL FCompL IClsTktL IClsValL \
        ITrAnlL ITrAnlW ITrColL MKernL MPassL PerfAnl PerfPrimL \
        StaticAnlL ThreadAnlGui ThreadBB" OPTIONS=SUITE ck=154 \
INCREMENT IBDB034BC INTEL 2019.0322 22-mar-2019 uncounted \
        PLATFORMS="i86_r i86_re it64_lr it64_re amd64_re i86_mac \
        x64_mac" ck=109 SN=SMSA4BFNNJZD SIGN=7A93C44C61FC
# SerialNumber=ST5V-4BFNNJZD


I have "Error: A license for Comp-FL is not available"

That means my installation is okay, my .bashrc is okay, but my license file is bad.  I would need to get the right working license file that I get through the link in the email that Intel sends me and I put it in the /opt/intel/licenses directory.

(I have Ubuntu 14.04. Intel® Core™ i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz × 4 , 64-bit)

Could you help me?

Best Wishes,

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