Linux under windows 10

Linux under windows 10

Have been running Intel Fortran through the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio on a Windows 10 operating system.

Since the build I have of Windows 10 is a later version I was able to download ubuntu on to the computer.

I have a code that I have been successfully compiling in either 64 bit or 32 bit applications.

I would like to do the exact same thing BUT using Linux as I will have to have this compiled code, executable, run on a Linux operating system.

Can someone in the know help me to make the transition or at least point me in the correct direction so as to get somewhat down the road?

Thanks a lot.


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There is one major limitation to WSL ("Linux under Windows") that must be considered: all Linux executables, including shared libraries, whether created by you or part of some package, must be 64-bit or they will not run.

Can someone from INTEL provide the OFFICIAL instructions on how to install the Intel Fortran on LINUX, UBUNTU version?

I do NOT want to dig around the internet and then have issues and then have to post to find out how people have changed their environment variables and now need a UNIX guru to help them out.

Where can a customer of the INTEL product find the OFFICIAL instructions on how to use the purchased software?

Thank you.

Thank you Juergen.


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