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Here at my work I am stuck with a problem... We have a bunch of fortran codes compiled with the ifort compiler for linux. When we try to compile a code in different user accounts, we get binaries with different sizes! For example, the user A and the user B have their accounts. The user A tries to compile the program test.f90 and the user B do the same. Both uses the same line to compile the program. Both get success when its done, but they get different results!
So, I would like to know from you what can be happening? Could be the environment variables that are configured in their accounts? Could be the version of the compiler?
I know that this question may depend on the system the we are working, but in a general way, what can be happening?
Does anybody have any clue?
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There are many things included in the header section of an executable (or object file). Timestamps, for instance, mean that there will be differences. Also, if you use -parallel or -openmp in the compilation, there will be path information in the headers to be used by Intel performance tools. You can disable this if you like:

If you use the 12.0 Composer XE 2011 compiler and -parallel-source-info- option, I would not expect too large of a difference.


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