I am attempting to speed up an often-used application at work that
is written in Fortran 90,. via the use of OpenMP directives.
Unfortunately, this program will not compile with IntelFortran(issue
number 232964, first reported on 2/27/2004, targeted to be fixed).
While awaiting a fix, I would like to proceed with CVF 6.6, butthe latter
doesn't support OpenMP. The CVF documentation claims that a
Visual KAP add-on will allow it to support OpenMP, but apparently
the vendor, KAI, has been purchased and absorbed into Intel. I can't
find any current info about KAP. Is it still available for CVF? What is
the status of the KAI tools? Any other suggestions for proceeding?
Peter Simon
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Visual KAP was discontinued several years ago. You might want to look at the free "fthreads" package as listed on the CVF Companion Products page.
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Thanks, Steve. I checked out the fthreads site, and found it is specific to Windows. Since I'm looking for a solution that works on both Windows and Unix/Linux, I guess I'll have to keep looking.

--Peter Simon

Looking at the case you entered, it looks as if the compiler fix is to properly diagnose the situation where a symbol is imported from multiple modules.So the fix you are waiting for would simply be to highlight an error in your code. Furthermore, a simple workaround was provided. So I'm not sure what you're really waiting for.

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