Eligibility 'Classroom educator' license

Eligibility 'Classroom educator' license

I am a Research Scientist at a public university and would like to know if I am eligible for the "Classroom Educator" category which would allow me to obtain the Intel fortran compiler for installation on my university-owned laptop. Here are the different categories possible:


I am not a faculty member and do not have any teaching commitments although I am allowed to teach if I want to.


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Unfortunately, nobody who follows this forum is likely to be able to answer your question authoritatively. But my reading of the qualifications suggest that you would not be eligible as one of the requirements for "Classroom Educator" is "Intel® Software Development Products can only be used in a classroom setting to assist in teaching."

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") - Retired from Intel

You can got to the Intel Distributor for the software and ask for the academic licence $200 - pretty good deal - this forum is worth the price. 

They will let you know if you are eligible. 


Steve and John, thanks for your comments.

John: I am not sure I understood who you meant by "Intel Distributor". I asked my university software center and they just directed me to ask Intel directly. I wasn't even aware there is an academic license for $200 until you mentioned it!

Yes, the Academic license is much less restrictive and is inexpensive. You can buy it from any reseller/distributor your university deals with. But I don't know where you can find it for $200. $390 is about the normal price. $200 is the renewal price.

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") - Retired from Intel


I only renew so I was not aware of the new cost, although it was about 200 when I bought it before you were retired. 

You did not reply as to whether you had posed for the superhero picture in the 404 Intel Error drawings.  It sure looked like you. 


Thanks for your comments. I will contact my IT desk again.

No, I never posed for the Intel 404 pictures. I did pose for this, though:

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") - Retired from Intel

Great picture pity about the Linux. 

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