How to inspect Visual Studio 2010 unit tests with Inspector 2011?

How to inspect Visual Studio 2010 unit tests with Inspector 2011?


is it possible to inspect mixed-mode Visual Studio 2010 unit tests? I.e. the unit test project generates a managed assembly which calls native DLLs; I want to check those native DLLs with Inspector 2011.

When starting the unit test project in VS2010 with context menu "Intel Parallel Inspector 2011 | Inspect Memory Errors", I get the following error message:

Cannot start analysis.
File "mydir\\myfile.dll" is not executable binary.

- Frank

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Hi Frank,

Inspector XE allows to setStartup project for C# language (managed code) and/or C/C++ language (native code). If your Startup project is C/C++ EXE project or C# project which will call native DLLs, it should work.

However if you use ASP.NET to create a unit test to generate a managed assembly (even itcalls native DLLs), but Inspector XE doesn't recognize your ASP.NET project dll, say it is not executable binary. Inspector XE still doesn't support ASP.NET project. This mean, you have to use other EXE (as a caller) to test your native DLLs.

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

I am not using ASP.NET; I am using a plain .NET unit test project (i.e. a DLL, not an EXE) calling native C++ DLLs.
The unit test project already is set as Visual Studio's startup project.

- Frank

Your target application for Inspector XE should be an EXE.
Native C++ DLLs will be analyzed when your app calls to them.

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