html report ?

html report ?

i've been trying to produce a complete html report using the command line tool , but I must be missing dome options. here is my command line :
"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\Inspector XE\\bin32\\inspxe-cl.exe" -collect mi1 -knob resources=true -knob stack-depth=8 -mrte-mode=native -suppressions=delete -module-filter-mode=include -- c:\\cgtest.exe -gilded -sharedcontext -v -blacklist -glslversion=130 -t hsl_commaop -dlldir c:\\Users\\lruhlmann\\p4\\sw\\cg\\rel3.1\\src\\cglang\\runtime\\bin\\Windows_vc10_debug

i tried to add the -format html , but it conflicts the -collect option ....
it would be nice to have a 'file'save as..' option in the IDE
im using right now the trial version of Inspector XE , on win7 , 64 bit.
PS: your tool is amazing , easy to use and very good for mem leaks/overrrun

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solved ( i had to read the next post ... where a solution is posted ... )

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