trial version

trial version

I just downloaded and installed the trial version of Inspector XE. I get the error "no license for static securuity analysis"

I intalled using evaluation license and therefore I did not do any thing with the license file that came with the download e-mail.

How do I try the evaluation of Inspector XE to see if it will fix our fortran problems?

Also, is Inpector XE included with the Intel Visual Fortran license?

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You need Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 trial license file, from

Simply copy this new license file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses on Windows, or /opt/intel/licenses on Linux.

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter, and thanks for your replay.

I am still confused. I downloaded a trial version of Inspector XE and it came with a license file (via e-mail). Why do I need Parallel Studio?

I am now downloading it, but I have the license file. Do I need to intall Parallel Studio, or just copy the license file?

Could you also explain with what products does Inspector XE cames with. We currently have Intel Visual Fortran and are trying to upgrade to version 12. When we do the upgrade, what else do we need to get?

Thakns, Tino

Hi again Peter,

I installed Parallel Studio and I was able to use Inspector one time only.

When I compile now I get the following error:

ipo: error #11034: Il version for "path\filename.obj" (206586) does not match compiler's il version (203704) please regenerate.

I clean-Build, clean-Rebuild, delete debug folder and build, but always the same error. The .obj exist, so what is this error mean?

Could you also explain what Inspector does in the sense that it generates its own analysis or just reports, in a visual manner, what the compiler complains about. I am asking because, like I said, we have Intel Visual Fortran 11.somthing and we use to get a lot of errors and warnings displayed (turning diagnostics on). Using Intel Visual Fortran 12, all the diagnostic stuff is no longer shown. So to me, it appears that Inspector is only a reporting tool; am I correct in thinking like that?

1. You should install Intel C++ Composer XE orIntel Visual Fortran Composer XE, Intel Inspector XE- if you don't install whole Intel Parallel Studo XE 2011, their compiler versionsare v12 above (select "/Qdiag-enable:sc3" like below)

2.Butlicenses for Intel C++ Composer XE orIntel Visual Fortran Composer XE, Inspector XEstill don't work for Static Security Analysis (SSA). Again,the user need licenseof Parallel Studio XE 2011 to work SSA

You are right that compiler is responsible to generate the data, and Inspector XE is responsible to display report.

SSA is the feature for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011

Regard, Peter

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