Inspector with VS 2008 SP1 on Windows 7 always has internal error

Inspector with VS 2008 SP1 on Windows 7 always has internal error

I tried the evaluation version on Intel Parallel Inspector 2011 Update 2 on my
Windows 7 64 bit laptop. On real projects with a lot of Qt-Libraries the inspector
always shows the message "Error detected during analysis - An internal error has
occured ..." for all levels of inspecting memory errors. The message appears
after closing the test program.

The same project is running with the inspector under Windows XP.

A zipped result-directory is attached.

Downloadapplication/zip r000mi1.zip14.78 KB
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It seemed that result data was not generated in your attached zip files.

Is it possible that you can try Inspector XE 2011 Update 5, which is a professional version?
visit, register the product
then get thepackage from -

If the problem persists on, please attach result directory again. Thank you.

Regards, Peter

I am also having a very similar issue.
Win7 64-bit desktop but VS2005.
I installed Update 7 first, and the error remained the same, and then uninstalled and went back to Update 5.
I downloaded the 30-day trial yesterday. (12/5/2011)

The error comes up after simply starting up my project and clicking "Tools-Intel Inspector XE 2011-Threading Error Analysis Located Deadlocks and Data Races"
The error reads
Error: An internal error has occurred. Our apologies for this inconvenience. Please gather a description of the steps leading up to the problem and contact the Intel customer support team.
Result file: [C:\devel\checkout\devel_trunk\projects\Pocket\copilotexe\My Inspector XE Results - copilot\r005ti3\r005ti3.inspxe]
Threading error analysis: terminated

Here is my result directory zipped up.


Downloadapplication/zip r005ti3.zip99.62 KB

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