GDI Resource leak with QuickWin Fortran

GDI Resource leak with QuickWin Fortran


I use an evaluation inspection XE 2011 (download last week) to test it. It is under windows XP.
My main problem is that during memory leak inspection, At the end of the execution, I have a lot of GDI Resource leaks about QuickWin. For example with SETBKCOLOR, SETWINDOWCONFIG, CLEARSCREEN,...
I really don't know why I have theses memory leak. What could be the problem ?

I have seen on this thread:
that "The GDI leak diagnostic only appears at level 1. At higher diagnostics levels, this is not reported.""
How do I change the diagnostics levels ? Is-it in intel inspector or in the project ?

Thank you.

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So, no one to advise me on this "problem" ?

In regards to the question about changing the diagnostic level, you
can change the diagnostic level by selecting among the analysis types. The following link provides information about
selecting a Memory Error Analysis type.

You can select a different Memory Error Analysis type for
example (Detect Leaks mi1, Detect Memory Problems mi2, Locate Memory Problems
mi3) and click on the Show Command Line button in the lower right corner of
the Intel Inspector XE GUI to see the
formulated command and more specifically what -collect is set to (Example mi1,
mi2, mi3).

After the analysis has completed and data finalized, the following
document discusses interpreting result data for detected memory errors.

In regards to resource leaks you are experiencing related to SETBKCOLOR, SETWINDOWCONFIG,CLEARSCREEN in your application, perhaps there is someone else on the forum
who knows something about this off the top of their head. If not, we may need additional information or
a sample reproducer to interpret and provide suggestions.

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